Physics for University

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Physics for BSc

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Physics for IIT Entrance Exam

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Physics for Competitive Exam

With increasing number of students appearing for different competitive exams, the exams have become more challenging these days. It calls for proper guidance for students on how to prepare physics for competitive exam. Here, at Online Tutor, we try our best to help students prepare for the competitive exams.

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Physics for Intermediate (10+2)

Understanding physics in the intermediate level is important for any student to score better along with other science subjects. From better understanding of analytical skills and have better problem solving capacity, it is important to have suitable guidance. We, at online tutor assist students to grasp better insight about the basics of the subject.

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Physics for high school

To understand the physics curriculum better for the high school level, it is important to get the required guidance. From knowing the concepts, check the information, and the convenience of solving the problems, you should have a clear idea about each of them. Many online courses and guidance are available, and you have to choose the right one.

An online tutor is offering a well-designed course for the benefit of the students of high school. It has come up with an interactive physics curriculum with which students can easily relate to. Also, we have created different building plans keeping in mind to help the students. We have designed options for the course to make it convenient for the students instead of only grade levels.

The physics subject is among the other science subjects that students need to go through in high school. The online tutor offers multimedia lesion, worksheets, quizzes, instructional videos along with the facility of both online and offline projects.